Have you ever scraped, scored, and steamed old wallpaper for hours to get it off to change the look of a room? Have you ever rented an apartment and gotten so sick of the bland white or beige walls? Have you had a child that just HAD to have their room one color only to declare that they didn't like THAT color anymore. Have you just gotten sick of furniture in your house and needed a new look? I think we all have.

This material makes it really easy to just change the look of a room. It has a very hightech adhesive on the back that allows it to be stuck on a wall, peeled off, and stuck anain many, many times. sure, this helps you getting in stuck on right but that is not the best part. When you are done? You get to peel it off and it will not damage your wall (or other flat surface. How cool is that?

So, what does that mean to you? Your get to change a look or style of a room in your home, rental, or business quickly and easily and when your tastes change (or you move, simply take it down. You can toss it and get something new or save it.

Anything else cool about it? Yup! Also, you can stick this material to any flat surface. This allows you to get really creative. We have seen elevator doors, smooth ceilings, doors, side of a car, TV armoire, refrigerator door, and more.

Our vision is to deliver these high-tech murals, signs, or art prints to creative people (or people who just want to be creative). we strive for excellent customer service and a policy to please our clients by going above and beyond.


Customized Walls offers unprecedented color expertise with the highest quality manufacturing in the mural market today. We have a fun and talented group of people to answer your design questions and help you pick the best mural or wallpaper for you. We will even source an image from the MILLIONS available to us to find a perfect match to your needs.

  • Our image offering consists of high-end photography, digital art and traditional oil and watercolor art. We have artists from all over the world in our portfolio and work together as a team to provide you with the best murals and wallpaper available.
  • Our low pricing combined with the ease of changing a wall with our special peel and stick material in about an hour make our product the easiest and best value for murals and wallpaper. The best part? You can peel it off and take it with you when you move or change it our quickly and easily. No damage to you walls (or back)!
  • We can personalize and colorize many of our images to work with your paint colors and personal taste. We can closely match many of the Sherwin Williams™ and Benjamin Moore™ paint colors. We can add photos, text, and clip art to a variety of our murals and wallpaper.
  • Your 100% Satisfaction is our responsibility and promise and we strive to give friendly customer service, quick delivery and response in addition to the highest quality murals and wallpapers that are so easy to install you will be amazed!
  • Try a sample of our unique and innovative peel and stick fabric for murals, wallpaper and more. You will not find a better or more easy murals anywhere.
  • Best room makeover in minutes. High quality custom designed, wallpaper and murals online.

Contact us for more information at or (800)425-9959

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