Mural Installation

Stuff you need:

  • Utility Knife (with new blades)
  • Foam Roller
  • Tape Measure
  • Ladder (unless your in the NBA)
  • An Extra Person for help (when you need an extra hand or just someone to get you a cold drink)

Prep Work:

A clean surface ensures your mural will stick firmly and be reusable.


Remove all nails, picture hangers (and fill holes), outlet covers, and light switch covers.


Remove all nails, picture hangers (and fill holes), outlet covers, and light switch covers.


Remove all nails, picture hangers (and fill holes), outlet covers, and light switch covers.


Step 1

Arrange panels on the floor in the order (they will be numbered). Each panel will have an overlap of 1/2 inch. Notice the guide marks at the top and bottom of each panel. This is where your panels will meet.

Step 2

If your mural fully covers a surface skip this step. Mark a middle point with a pencil. Measure the width and height of your print. Divide by 2. Measure from your middle point to the half measurement of your print. This will give you a top/bottom, side to side marking to follow.

Step 3

Position panel One starting on the left. Your printed mural is bigger than your requested size. This is allow extra room in the event your walls are not perfectly even on all sides. Peel the liner back 2-3 inches and apply to the wall. This is where your extra person may come in handy. Have them hold the bottom of the panel to keep it straight and provide tension. Peel the liner down and apply print to the surface. Light strokes outward to smooth wrinkles and bubbles works best. If the wrinkles or bubbles persist, peel back the print and re-stick that section. It's easy!

Step 4

Align panel Two to over panel One. There will be 1/2" overlap (see guideline at top and bottom). Match the edge of panel Two with the marks on panel One making sure the image continues smoothly from panel to panel. If you prefer not to overlap, you must trim both panels within the overlap. This is not recommended unless you are highly skilled in the art of utility knife trimming. Repeat for all additional panels

Step 5

Press the seams and edges firmly with your hands. Take a Foam Roller and apply pressure evenly all over the print. This will get a solid stick all over.

Step 6

Trim the excess print from ceiling and baseboards with a sharp utility knife. Cut out wall receptacles for light switches and power and replace covers. Go slow and take your time for even cuts.

Step 7

Step back and ADMIRE YOUR AWESOMENESS! YAY! You Rock! Look at your mad skillz! Now go call all your friends and brag! Remember to email us a picture at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We love hearing from you!


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