What does your Home Decor say about You? 6

Today is the MILLION WORD CHALLENGE at the kid’s school. By the end of the year, each student is asked to read a million words. They school works with the kids and parents to make sure everyone stays on track. I am glad to say all my kids are happy to read (or be read to) and hit this goal no problem. So, today I am off to see them participate in the Million Word Challenge parade at they school waving their favorite books in the air. We had a fun conversation today as they picked their favorite books and why.

My 10 yr old picked “Call of the Wild” by Jack London. She is a nature and animal lover and a big Jack London fan. My 9 yr old picked a Wimpy Kid book which is so him (good natured with lots of laughs). My 7 yr old pick Zoomer by Ned Young about a dog that gets in all sorts of trouble while trying to get ready for school (which is so her personality lots of spunk and mischief).

So if books can tell your personality, what does your home decor say about you?

Are you GLAMOROUS? Is your personality defined by alluring beauty or charm?


Are you down to earth with a strong love of comfort?


Are you wild and crazy and crave all things funky and adventurous?


So, what is your style? And what do you think that says about your personality?

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