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Here a Customized Walls we love working the artistic types! We are always looking for new artist to bring to you! From medias of all types photography, oils, watercolor, pen art and even digital creations! The artist below are so kind share a little of themselves with us. Enjoy

Leonid Afremov

The artist Leonid Afremov was born in Vitebsk, Belarus in 1955-- the same town where Mark Chagall was born. Leonid Afremov graduated from Vitebsk Art School The school was founded by Mark Chagall in 1921 . Along with Chagall, Malevich and Kandinsky, Leonid Afremov is a member of the famous Vitebsk painting school. Leonid worked a lot and participated in different exhibitions in Vitebsk. Since 1990 he has lived in Israel. The artist has his own unique style. He doesn't use brushes to paint - he uses a palette-knife. Original, light-colored, and gentle style that had been worked out for years is the main distinction of the artist.

Guido Borelli

Guido Borelli da Caluso a longtime resident of Turin, Italy, Guido grew up in nearby Caluso, Italy at the foothills of the Italian Alps, where he was encouraged by his family to artistically express himself. By the time he was somewhere around the age of 6 years old he had discovered and fell in love with painting, and as they say, the rest is history. He received his art training at Accademia Albertina, in Turin, which was founded in 1672, at the special request of the King.  Beginning with Guido’s first exhibition at the Ars Plauda Gallery in Turin, Italy in 1969, he has continued to have exhibitions around the world. Today, after spending more than 30 years as a professional artist, he still cannot wait to paint each day and express his latest inspirations on canvas, and the mere thought of ever doing anything else for a career is totally unfathomable to him.

Emily Drouin

Emily Drouin from Manchester, NH


David Lloyd Glover has a 25-year international reputation exhibiting in major galleries in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.  Glover has exhibited his works in over 17 sellout shows in Tokyo and Osaka Japan.  For the past 20 years he has exhibited art in an exclusive gallery on the famed Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California where collectors from all over the world have acquired his original paintings.  Many Hollywood celebrities and recording stars are among his top collectors.  For his many galleries, Glover has created images ranging from Impressionist landscapes to Iconic images of Jazz artists and Rock stars.  Glover creates masterworks in watercolor on paper, gouache on paper, oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas with equal facility.  Born 1949 in Victoria, British Columbia, he exhibited an usually acute ability as an artist selling professionally at 12 years of age. At the age of 18 he was a full-time newspaper and magazine illustrator.  It was during his illustrator period he developed his skill in rendering people.  After a career in the advertising industry he embarked on a full time vocation of creating fine art for gallery sales.  His original art is highly coveted and very seldom available on the resale market.  David Lloyd Glover now appears as a guest on Fine Art Showcase on Celebrity Shopping TV, channel 233 on DirectTV.

Dywane Hall

Master of Whimsy and Fantasy

Gregory Hyde

Muscian and Artist

Concetta Kilmer

I find complete joy in painting and designing and have ever since I can remember. My art has a fantasy whimsical style and I love to create things that are unique and beyond the normal realm of things. Don't get me wrong, I love to paint realistic pet and animal animal art as well! My children are a great inspiration to me. When my daughter was a little girl she used to walk out by the ferns that would grow outside of our house in Pennsylvania and tell me that was where the fairies lived. You have to love a child's imagination. There is nothing like it in the world.

Rhonda King

I am a single mom with a passion for photography. I like to shoot just about anything..but I am especially fond of flowers and insects...and my gorgeous children:) Thanks for stopping by and looking at my art. I would love to hear your comments, so please feel free to leave one:)

Susie Lidstone

I have been painting for 30 years and now work from my small studio in Farnham Surrey. The vibrant ever changing colours of flowers, plants and trees throughout the seasons has always fascinated me and I find that Watercolour is the perfect medium to capture their qualities. I think that their appeal is timeless and I hope to capture both the calm and vitality I always feel when studying my subjects.

Susie gained her B.A Honours degree in Fine Art Printmaking from The West Surrey College Of Art And Design in 1981. Taught Adult Education. Susie conceived and ran children’s workshops based on Projects designed by her for seven years. These kits are now available via an online Children’s Store.

She is a full member Of The Society Of Floral Painters, has her own range of Greeting Cards and Limited Edition Prints. Which are available online and also at shops and Art Galleries Is represented in The US by Artists Haven Gallery,Artisan Direct. In The Uk by Jesmond Design Studio and Hudson MacKay.


Anna Markowska

Art in all of its forms, has gotten me through many hard times. There is also the fact that I am of Polish descent and in my family, there are writers, painters, composers, ceramic artists, jewellery makers, media moguls, (most of all who have made names for themselves on national levels). Like them, I believe that I am forever bound to my creative forces, which manifest in a nomad kind of life. But I believe that what I have to offer, as an artist, is unique and I hope to achieve the kind of success that allows me to continue to offer inspiration and a different perspective of the beauty that I see in the world.

Rain Ririn

I am a self-taught artist who loves creating. I have been creating different types of art for most of my life but realized that painting and making dolls made me happier. It brings a whole different world to light for me and I feel it gives me more creative freedom. I decided to put all my energies, thoughts and focus into these passions. I paint with my soul and each of my paintings is a reflection of my inner-most personality. The people that know me best say my inner personality is funny and somewhat fanciful. Perhaps because I like to paint and make dolls that bring out my childish side.

My style of art would be considered folk art but with more detail and also with my own style. I have been experimenting with different styles lately bringing me great satisfaction. I love folk art because it is a way for me to connect older traditions with the present.

Catherine Rowe

Catherine Rowe is an artist and mural painter currently working out of Roseville, California.  Her works vary from the natural to the fantastical.  Her mural business, Cathy Rowe Arts, specializes in children's illustration and imaginative and peaceful landscapes for all ages. Cathy graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in June 2007.



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